Janet Feld and the 100th Show March 24th, 2012

Well, the 100th show did indeed rock. Janet Feld was funny, smart, played great songs and totally prepared the crowd for her second set, which included her pals, Kate Wallace, Caren Armstrong, Doug Clegg, and James McVay—all veterans of the series over the years. Each artist played a cover tune and an original and ALL were completely well received and had the crowd singing along (this reviewer LOVED the chick voices on “The Wind Cries Mary”, for God’s sake… it was too cool). Foot stomping was actually heard on “Get Off My Cloud”..It was a great evening.. More on the way.

Kate Wallace, Caren Armstrong and Janet Feld

Kate Wallace, Caren Armstrong and Janet Feld

James McVay, Kate Wallace, Caren Armstrong, Janet Feld and Doug Clegg

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