Eric Taylor – Saturday, April 30, 2011 8:00 p.m.

Eric Taylor

There are few artists in the world today who can completely command an audience by sending them spell-bound along the riveting journeys that are each and every Eric Taylor song. Every one of them a completely compelling story—full of imagery and emotion—delivered by a voice that is the perfect vocal partner to such poetry. Eric’s guitar playing is sparse and perfect, but it’s all about the song and the delivery. You feel as if, as an audience member, you have had the privilege to sit right close to one of the great writers and illuminators of our time. You don’t want the evening to end. I can hardly wait. Doug and I love when he comes to stay because he will, invariably, spend some time in our yard playing and singing and it is as if time stands still for a few moments and we stop-transported- so we can hear every note on the wind. If you wish to do a little research first, try listening to The Peppercorn Tree, Hollywood Pocketknife, Storms, Texas Texas, or Carnival Jean and Jim or Big Love..or actually, you can just pick anything…

You don’t want to miss him.

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